The Strategic Leader

New tactics for a Globalizing World

John Pisapia, Florida Atlantic University

Published 2009

This book helps leaders focus on, and achieve, their main purpose - the development and maintenance of a high performing organization. You will find the habits, actions, and tactics that have worked in that crucible and what I believe will continue to work under the dynamic conditions leaders face today.

The book is framed around six habits gleaned from leaders who have successfully answered the following questions. Do I need to think differently? What is the environment telling me? Where are we going and where do we need to go? How do I position myself and/or my organization, team and individuals to take advantage of opportunities presented by the environment? How do I multiply myself though other people? How do I find and turn talent into performance? How do I ignite the soul of followers to achieve greatness beyond what anyone imagined possible? How do I know if we are succeeding? How do we continually adapt to change and maintain profitability and our competitive advantage?

The Strategic leader answers those questions by identifying the actions and tactics used to establish a holistic learning approach to leading. It accomplishes its objective by describing how strategic leaders use new actions and tactics -jumping the curve, minimum specifications, organizational fitness, generative conversations, chunking change, lighting the way, running for daylight, bonding, bridging, bartering, and institution building - to create direction, establish alignment and commitment, in order to produce results in a dynamic globalizing world.

In the first section you will discover the value of the leader’s Wheel to develop a high performing organization. In the following chapters you will discovering the six habits that enable you to turn the Wheel: acquiring a strategic mindset, artistry, anticipating, articulating, aligning and assuring. Your path to discover these secrets will be aided by two original self assessment tools: The Strategic Thinking Questionnaire (STQ) and the Strategic Leadership Questionnaire (SLQ) which are available to those who purchase the book.

Preface. 1. Strategic Leadership: A Fresh Look. 2. Habit 1. Artistry: The Mega Habit. 3. Habit 2. Agility: Developing The Strategic Mindset. 4. Habit 3. Anticipating the Future. 5. Habit 4. Articulating Strategic Intent. 6. Habit 5. Aligning Colleagues With Intent. 7. Habit 6. Assuring Results. 8. The Epilogue—Frequently Asked Questions. Appendix A—Reflective Questions. Appendix B—The Strategic Thinking Questionnaire. Appendix C—The Strategic Leadership Questionnaire