The Teacher's Book of Days

Inspirational Passages for Every Day of the Year

Susan Clark Studer

Published 2010

The Teacher’s Book of Days is a motivational and inspirational book for all individuals who work with young people, whether in public or private schools, youth organizations, sports, tutoring, or for parents. The book is authored by Susan Clark Studer, Ph.D., a professor of education, who has taught all ages; worked with children in clubs, scouts, and sports; currently teaches teachers enrolled in education programs ; and who is the parent of two grown children. This book is for all adults who are entrusted with young lives.

Written in a readable format, The Teacher’s Book of Days is a combination of informative and thought-provoking daily readings designed to encourage the reader and help educators through their busy and often-times stressful days. Placing the Book of Days in perspective, it is a combination of short, uplifting, motivational and informative thoughts, gleaning from the writings of educators past and present and personal experience. The daily passages are not written for any particular year, and dates are generic, therefore it will be salable year after year.

Teachers are a very valuable resource, members of society who often do not receive the encouragement they need. This is even truer today in a school atmosphere of test scores, shrinking budgets, and children growing up in less than ideal educative circumstances. This book is designed to not only encourage, but to empower educators to become strong teachers of society’s children. Teachers can buy this book for themselves or give it as gifts to colleagues and friends. Parents may buy this book as teacher gifts or as tokens of appreciation for their child‘s teacher. School districts may give it to teachers during teacher appreciation week or have it available in on site libraries for staff members to read or to quote from for daily announcements. Universities may give it to graduating future teachers. The potential is great for this book’s success.