The Transformational Odyssey

Finding Your Path to Personal Transformation and Self-Renewal

Robert Barner

Published 2017

The Transformational Odyssey was written to help those individuals who are facing difficult life transitions, and who are attempting to successfully navigate tough life decisions and engage in deep self-discovery. Unlike other self-help books that attempt to provide readers with homespun advice for addressing difficult life challenges, The Transformational Odyssey shows readers how to take charge of their self-growth and development. It does this by providing readers with several applied techniques for engaging in deep self-learning in a more profound and fundamentally life-changing way.

The title, The Transformational Odyssey, reflects the book’s integrative metaphor of transformational learning as a personal odyssey of self-discovery. The word “odyssey” connotes a long, and sometimes arduous and meandering journey. Although an odyssey may present the traveler with unexpected trials and challenges, in the end it may yield increased wisdom and knowledge. Building on this metaphor, The Transformational Odyssey introduces readers to eight passages that they will inevitably encounter during their own personal odysseys of self-discovery. Each of these passages involves a uniquely different learning challenge that, as it is successfully navigated, increases the reader’s capacity for self-growth.

The Transformational Odyssey is written in a conversational style, as if the author were sitting down next to the reader to share my forty-plus years of experience as a personal coach and life transition counselor. Since different people learn in different ways, this book incorporates a variety of different learning methods, including actual cases, exercises, suggested actions, famous quotes, and metaphors. For those readers to would like to dig deeper on a given topic, at the end of each chapter the author has included a separate section that introduces readers to related cutting-edge research in the field of human psychology. The topics included in these sections cover such areas as mindfulness, meditation, narratives, and future selves.


"The Road to self-discovery is one that has been traveled before. The Transformational Odyssey explores this journey in a unique and different way, by beginning at the intersection of academic exploration and the examination of authentic experiences. Robert Barner finds ways to challenge his readers, while also guiding each person in a way that is most logical and emotionally transcendent to them. And he does so in an insightful, compelling way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to be vulnerable and wants to grow." ~ Kevin Beachum Jr. - NFL Athlete,
Investor, Speaker, Philanthropist

"This is a dazzlingly ambitious book and it does not disappoint. Thought-provoking, compelling, and an extraordinary source of scientifically-based insight for anyone seeking to improve their lives." ~ Jim Loehr, Best Selling Author, Co-Founder of The Human Performance Institute

"The Transformational Odyssey enlists the reader in a powerful journey, grounded in their own creative imagination and wells of inspiration. This road of self-renewal is exciting and dangerous and the work is not for the timid. Robert Barner knows the territory intimately and is a guide you can both trust and enjoy." ~ Charles J. Palus, Senior Fellow, Center for Creative Leadership

"In The Transformational Odyssey, Dr. Robert Barner offers what few self-help books do a research-based journey into self-awareness leading to real and sustained change. In embarking on this journey, readers will become more attuned to their experiences, more open to others, and more effective leaders, partners, parents and friends. I highly recommend this book for those courageous enough to encounter transformational learning!" ~ Jaime Goff, Certified Executive Coach and President, The Empathic Leader, LLC.

Endorsements. Preface: A Little Bit About this Book. About the Author. Introduction: Beginning Your Journey CHAPTER I: Finding the Clearing CHAPTER II: Stepping Into the Unknown. CHAPTER III: Crossing the River. CHAPTER IV: Facing the Reflective Pool. CHAPTER V: Ascending the Mountain CHAPTER VI: Navigating the Strait. CHAPTER VII: Staying on the Path. CHAPTER VIII: Discovering the Oasis. Some Closing Thoughts. For Those Who Want to Go Further.


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