The Method of Imagination

Edited by:
Sheldon Brown, University of California San Diego
Luca Tateo, Aalborg University, Denmark

A volume in the series: Innovations in Qualitative Research. Editor(s): Luca Tateo, University of Oslo (Norway) and Federal University of Bahia (Brazil).

Published 2018

Though many psychological theories refer to imagination as a relevant phenomena, we still lack knowledge about imaginative processes. The book “The Method of Imagination” is aimed at expanding the knowledge about imaginative processes as higher mental function, by starting from the empirical and phenomenological studies.

The volume is an innovative multidisciplinary exploration in the study of imaginative processes as complex phenomena. It covers a wide range of fields, from psychology to sociology, from art and design to marketing and education. The book gathers young and experienced scholars from 6 different countries worldwide, providing a fresh look into the theoretical, methodological and applicative aspects of imagination studies.

The audience for this book includes scholars and students in social and human sciences interested in the study and the use of imaginative processes. The volume can be also used as textbook/integrative reading in undergrad and master courses.

Introduction: The Method of Imagination, Luca Tateo and Sheldon Brown. Imagination as a Method: Intuition, Empathy and Innovation Within Qualitative Research Practices, Maria Cláudia Santos Lopes-de-Oliveira. A Textual Political Imagination, Kevin R. Carriere. New Wine Into Old Wineskins: Examining Nationalism as a Secular Religion, Ignacio Brescó de Luna and Luis Martínez-Guerrero. Pilgrimage and Imagination: You Can’t Have One Without the Other, Morten Bech Kristensen. The Reciprocation of Materialized Imagination: Thinking Materiality and Technology Into Everyday Imagination and Engagements, Stephan Sieland. Searching for the Sense of Suffering: Looking Through the Lens of Enchanted and Disenchanted Worldviews, Lucas B. Mazur. Imagination and Wish- Fulfillment: Disneyland Through the Lens of a 5-Year-Old, Filipa Krolo. “Castle in Box”: How Immersion and Rational Reflection, Work Together for Effective Intervention, Shuangshuang Xu, Xiao-Wen Li, and Jiang Wang. The “How” and ‘Why” of Triggered Imagination in Football: Evoking Attitudes of Play, Originality, and Open-Mindedness, Ludvig Johan Torp Rasmussen. Supporting Imagination in the Context of Work, Ditte Kolbaek. Religion as a Form of Everyday Conceptual Thought: Evidence From Orthodox Icons, Aaro Toomela. The Psychological Imagination of Religion: A Study on Secularization, Sven Hroar Klempe and Giuseppina Marsico. Psychology Far Beyond Imagination: The Construction of the Person in the Rites and Rituals for Escorting the Deceased in the Ajatado of Dogbo Culture in Benin, Kwami Fleury Serge Kiki and Danilo Silva Guimarães. Faith and Religion as a “Resource of Meaning” in the Care of Rare Disease, Altomare Enza Zagaria, Rosa Scardigno, and Giuseppe Mininni. About the Authors.