This Fist Called My Heart

The Peter McLaren Reader, Volume I

Marc Pruyn, Monash University
Luis Huerta-Charles, New Mexico State University

A volume in the series: Marxist, Socialist, and Communist Studies in Education. Editor(s): Curry Malott, West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Derek R. Ford, DePauw University.

Published 2016

This Fist Called My Heart: The Peter McLaren Reader, Volume I is “at the same time an homage, a gathering, an intellectual activist’s...toolkit, a teacher’s bullshit detector, a parent’s demand list and an academic’s orienting topography. This collection of essays...represents some of the most central and important work of Peter McLaren; work he has done on behalf of people’s liberation and humanization over more than three decades. [It provides] readers with an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of McLaren’s intellectual history and academic development, and the thinking processes that lead to his current framework and intellectual/philosophical/political situatedness in humanist Marxism. Through these gathered and sequentially presented essays, readers will be able to ‘see’ McLaren in the process of his theory construction, over time, without missing his essence of struggling for a just society that promotes the full humanity and liberation of all people. [Here,] we have curated some of the most exemplary essays along the trajectory of Peter McLaren’s long and impactful career. These pieces track and document Peter’s intellectual grow as one of North America’s most important intellectuals and advocates for critical pedagogy; his theorizing of the discursive and the everyday through post-modernist and post-structural lenses; his contributions to the literature and practice of critical multiculturalism; his stirring work on capitalist empire, and valiant struggles to resist it; through to his foundational, long held connection and cutting edge contribution to the field of humanist Marxism.”

“Whether you are a neophyte to McLaren’s work or a long time student of it; an Enlightenment modernist or an avid poststructuralist; a liberal, social democrat, Anarchist or Marxist; an undergraduate, emeritus professor or a community activist; a feminist, critical race theorist or LGBT scholar; an educationalist, sociologist, engineer or physicist, it is our sincere hope and belief that you will find provocation, inspiration, solidarity and hope in the work of Peter McLaren that we present here.”

Marc Pruyn & Luis Huerta-Charles
“This Fist Called My Heart: The Organization of These Volumes.”

Dedication. Acknowledgements. Publisher Acknowledgements. SECTION I: GETTING STARTED, This Fist Called My Heart: The Organization of These Volumes, Marc Pruyn & Luis Huerta-Charles. Foreword, Sheila Macrine. From the Maquila to the Lecture Hall: McLaren, Applied, Marc Pruyn and Luis Huerta-Charles. SECTION II: CRITICAL PEDAGOGY & POST-MODERNITY, Critical Pedagogy: A Look at the Major Concepts. The Ethnographer as Postmodern Fâneur: Critical Reflexivity and Posthybridity. Pedagogies of Dissent and Transformation: A Dialogue About Postmodernity, Social Context and the Politics of Literacy, with Kris Gutierrez. SECTION III: CRITICAL MULTICULTURALISM, Critical Multiculturalism and Democratic Schooling: A Conversation with Peter McLaren and Joe Kincheloe, with Joe Kincheloe and Shirley Steinberg. Challenges and Hopes: Multiculturalism as revolutionary praxis, with Gustavo Fishman. SECTION IV: EMPIRE & RESISTANCE, The future of the Past: Reflections on the Present State of Empire and Pedagogy. Class Struggle Unchained with Curry Malott & Pierre Orelus. SECTION V: HUMANIST MARXISM, Critical Pedagogy as Revolutionary Practice (An interview). Pedagogy for Revolution Against Education for Capital: An E-dialogue on Education in Capitalism Today with Glenn Rikowski. Afterword. Education Agonistes. Original Publication Source Citations. About the Author.