Training School Principals as Talent Developers

An International Perspective

Edited by:
Sonya D. Hayes, University of Tennessee
Nahed Abdelrahman, Texas A&M University
Beverly Irby, Texas A&M University
Fredrick. M. Nafukho, Texas A&M University

A volume in the series: International Higher Education. Editor(s): Fredrick. M. Nafukho, Texas A&M University. Beverly Irby, Texas A&M University.

Published 2022

Training School Principals as Talent Developers: An International Perspective focuses on how to prepare school principals to lead their schools by training and supporting teachers in their craft. The main goal of schools is improving teaching and learning in order to maximize students’ potential to be college ready and career ready. Principals play significant role in improving the instructions which improves students’ learning. In order to do so, we need inspiring principals to be talent developers. The book is comprised of chapters written by faculty and researchers from various countries and offers multiple perspectives on training and developing principals to be talent developers.

In the ten chapters of this edited book, we wanted to address the perspectives of “who is the role model of a principal, what are the qualities needed to make a good principal and what are the challenges that the talent developer principals encounter to achieve their goals. We also wanted to broaden the lens by addressing these perspectives in the United States and globally.

Foreword. Janice Koch. Introduction. Sonya D. Hayes, Nahed Abdelrahman, Beverly J. Irby, and Fredrick M. Nahfuko. Challenges in Preparing Principals as Talent Developers: Lessons From Nigeria, Ntasiobi Igu, Francisca Ogba, and Nwani Akuma. Impacts of Technology on Principal Preparation, Mary Dereshiwsky. Mixed Reality and School Administrator Preparation: Harnessing the Power of Simulation Technology for Realistic Practice, Feedback, and Reflection. Marjorie Ceballos, Daniel W. Eadens, and Krista Bixler. Performance Based Assessments for Aspiring School Leaders: Changing the Landscape of Principal Preparation Programs, Patricia Traynor-Nilsen, Dina Pacis, Donna Elder. An International Perspective on Principal Preparation Programs: Recent Innovations and Unique Components in England and the United States, Denver J. Fowler, and Valerie A. Storey. Resilience, Growth After Adversity, and Self-Care: The New Necessary for Mindful Principal Preparation and Talent Development, Caryn M. Wells. Collaborative Leadership and Teachers’ Development: The Perception of Secondary School Principals in Nigeria, Francisca N. Ogba, Ntasiobi C. N. Igu, and Nwinyinya Emeka. How Principals Can Bridge the Learning Gap as Talent Developers Using School Leader Evaluation Models, Terrence Narinesingh. Empowering Leadership Teams: Breaking Down Silos to Build a Culture of Innovation, Dina Pacis, Patricia Traynor-Nilsen, and Joseph Marron. Principals as Instructional Leaders and Talent Developers, Beverly J. Irby, Nahed Abdelrahman, Fredrick M. Nafukho, and Sonya D. Hayes. About the Contributors.