Unheard Voices

A Collection of Narratives by Black, Gay & Bisexual Men

Edited by:
Richard Greggory Johnson III, University of San Francisco
Kevin O. Spencer, Independent Scholar
Annie Allen, Northwind Seminary

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on LGBTQ Advocacy in Societies. Editor(s): Lemuel W. Watson, Kinsey Institute, Indiana University. Erin A. Mikulec, Illinois State University. Kyle O'Daniel, Mahomet-Seymour High School.

Published 2021

The lives of African American gay men have greatly gone unnoticed in the American consciousness. Despite the fact that Black gay men have made great contributions to our global society. For example, James Baldwin served as a literature giant. Bayard Rustin was one of the key organizers of the 1963 March on Washington. Alphonso David is the first person of color to lead the HRC (Human Rights Campaign).

The purpose of this book is to discuss the narratives of Black gay men. There is no doubt that American history has done a nonexistent job of portraying the lives of these Black gay men. Most of these lives have been relegated to the background of society. This book purposes to change that narrative by having 10 to 12 gentlemen discuss their background and how it brought them to where they are in life now. The goal of this book is to also discuss the victory for each of the authors.

Praise for Unheard Voices: A Collection of Narratives by Black, Gay & Bisexual Men

"Open and transparent discussion about the lives and important contributions of African American gay men is long overdue. Rarely are marginalized people from any walk of life afforded the well-deserved positive attention from mainstream media outside of sports and pop entertainment culture. It has always been important for us to represent ourselves in this regard rather than wait for somnambulant media professionals to wake up and properly embark upon inclusionary coverage of positive images reflected by non-dominant members of society. Unheard Voices: A Collection of Narratives by black gay and bi-sexual men is an essential literary commentary that does exactly that. I will definitely use it as an important reference in my work as an LGBTQ activist."
Sheila Fay Waters, Ph.D. Social Psychologist

"Unheard Voices establishes a distinctive position, providing a testament to the lived experiences of a group that have become further marginalized, and stigmatized in academia, as well as in the black community. It is a piece of work that boldly, and unapologetically provides a glimpse into a culture, that is hidden, which doesn’t fit the stereotypical narrative of the black male experience in America. Those seeking to gain insight and understanding, as well as direction to navigate challenges faced by black men, this is a must read. By incorporating this piece of work into both academic and social circles, as added value, can elevate and transcend barriers, so those from such marginalized groups, will have a seat at the table. This collection of stories provides wisdom, and a narrative of overcoming some of the darkest obstacles faced by black men from the LGBTQIA community."
Carl Featherston MA.Ed, Ed.S Scholarly-Practitioner

"Unheard Voices is arguably one of the most open and pure writings from individuals who have navigated life as Black, Gay or Bisexual men. While we have always been present our presence hasn’t always been valued. Our contributions to society are undeniable but we could only be viewed through a lens that made others comfortable. Today, these exceptional men, in their own voices, share their stories which, I hope, will serve as source of enlightenment and encouragement to everyone! This is a must read regardless of your age, gender, sexual preference or race. You will indeed be better informed!"
Pedro W. Douglas, Ed.D. Retired University Administrator

Preface, Annie Allen. Finding My Voice, Griff Bisbee. Certifiable, Gerald Cauley. Experiencing Love in What Started as Lust, A. D. Burks. Forgiveness Is Not an Option, Kyle Haggerty. From Scratch: A Journey to Self, André T. Jackson. Life Does Matter: Walking in My Truth, Richard Greggory Johnson III. My Life, Ray Jordan. I Knew I Was Gay Before I Knew I Was Black, Ean Oliver. I’ve Never Been to Me, Kevin O. Spencer. Leading With Vulnerability: Dare to Be Yourself, Lemuel Watson. Baby Love Yourself: Wisdom From an HBCU Black Gay Mentor Who Saved My Life, Mark Wilson. Invisibility in the Gay Mainstream, Victor Yates.