United We Stand

The Role of Spirituality in Engaging and Healing Communities

Edited by:
Dannielle Joy Davis, Saint Louis University

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Spirituality in Education. Editor(s): Dannielle Joy Davis, Saint Louis University.

Published 2021

Segments of society are drawing upon their faith and spirituality to develop strategies to mend social relationships and fragmented communities. The Contemporary Perspectives on Spirituality in Education book series will feature volumes geared towards understanding and exploring the role of spirituality in addressing challenge, conflict, and marginalization within education in the U.S. and internationally.

SECTION I: EDUCATION, COMMUNITY, AND SPIRIT. The Jesuit Impact on Community Engagement, Tanyathorn Hauwadhanasuk, Mariam Alnaim, Sami Alharbi, Suliman Alrubian, and Tyler De Shon. The Role of Community Engagement in Healing Racism in Ferguson, Missouri, Michaela Thomas, Mustafa Karnas, Mohammed Alfaleh, Tahani Alrajeh, Abdulrahman Albulayhi, and Saleh Alanazi. The Role of Religion in Community Unity, Roaa Aljafari. Dis/ability and Mental/Health Labels: Toward an Emancipatory/Well-Being of Black Women With Dis/ability Spiritual and Educational Experiences, Mercedes A. Cannon. SECTION II: K–12 EDUCATION AND SPIRITUALITY. An Elegy to the Abducted Nigerian School Girls, Rita Akin Otiko. Parenting With Compassion, Hope, and Love: The Heartbeat of a Spiritual Family, Kathleen Harris. Human(e) Education: Being and Learning for a “Trans-Modern” Age, Lanney Mayer. Resilience Cultivation for Children of Displaced Background: Efforts on Resilience for Migrant Children and Youths in Chinese Urban Areas, Ning Guo. Beginning at Birth: The Role of Spiritual Development in Raising Healthy Children for a Just and Good Society, Deborah Schein. Buber’s Spiritual Classroom, Thomas Peterson. Meeting: A Conduit for Vulnerability and Hope, Thomas Peterson. SECTION III: HIGHER EDUCATION AND SPIRITUALITY. Onward and Upward in Lieu of Turmoil and Confusion: Resiliency While Navigating Black Religious Experience in University Settings, Michael F. Jones, II & Timika S. Edwards. Social Justice as a Medium for Interfaith Engagement in College: Lessons Learned From a Case Study, Shauna Morin. Overlooked Interfaith Champions? How Foreign Language Faculty Are Helping Students Engage and Appreciate Worldview Differences, Kevin Singer, Lori E. Durako Fisher, Matthew Mayhew, and Alyssa N. Rockenbach. How Do We Arm Ourselves With Love? Examining “Armed Love” Through Educators’ Critical Conversations in an Online Platform, Cristina Santamaría Graff. Contemporary Perspectives on Spirituality in Education Interracial and Interdenominational Faculty Partnerships for Social Justice Work, Jandel Crutchfield and John Caldwell. The President and I, Farah Habli. Project-Based Learning and Contemplative Pedagogy: Tools for Molding the Heart and the Mind, Dannielle Joy Davis. The Task of Our Generation: A Practitioner’s Reflection on Spoken Word Poetry, Spirituality, and Education, Moira Pirsch. A Zen Moment: Using Mindfulness to Engage and Heal Classrooms, Molly Dunn. Freedom, Bryce Davis Bohon. About the Authors.