Venture Capital in the Changing World of Entrepreneurship

Edited by:
John E. Butler, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Andy Lockett, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Deniz Ucbasaran, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

A volume in the series: Research in Entrepreneurship and Management. Editor(s): John E. Butler, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Published 2006

It was not that long ago that it might have been possible to cover the topic of venture capital in one paper. Now, it is not possible to provide comprehensive coverage in even one book. The industry has flourished, as variations of he initial venture capital funds have been developed and now operates in most developing and developed economies. This is clearly reflected in this volume, which has a strong focus on Europe and Asia. Each of the papers is a stand alone effort. However, a full reading of the volume provides a panoramic picture of the global extent of venture capital, some of its challenges, and the likely direction of future efforts.

Venture capital and the venture capitalist have been shown to have a positive impact on performance in many cases. This is clearly the reason why some many emerging economies want to increase the level of venture capital investment in their country.

“The Role of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship in Innovation-Driven Economic Growth”, Winston T.H. Koh. “The Implications of Corporate Governance Reform for the Japanese Venture Capital Industry”, Phillip H. Phan and Toru Yoshikawa. “Knowledge Transfer: The Development of Venture Capital in South East Asia”, William Scheela. “Learning from Experience in Corporate Venture Capital Programs: an Empirical Analysis of the Global Network Operator Industries”, James Henderson and Benoit Leleux. “Venture Capital Investments in Family Businesses; The Financier Perspective”, Jorge Silva. “M&A and Diversification Strategies of VC-Backed Firms in the Biotechnology Industry-Towards Understanding the Perspective of Venture Capitalists and their Portfolio Companies”, Dodo zu Knphausen-Aufseß, Andreas Zaby and Sonja Kind. “Assessing the Scale of the Equity Gap”, Rebecca Harding and Marc Cowling. “The Entrepreneur and the Venture Capitalist as a Team: A Game-Theoretic and Upper-Echelon Theory of Cooperation and Defection”, Frits H. Wijbenga and Arjen van Witteloostuijn. “Realities of Long-Term Post Investment Performance for Venture-Backed Enterprises”, Gavin C. Reid and Julia A. Smith.