Web Based Learning

What do we know? Where do we go?

Roger Bruning, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Peter Hom, Arizona State University
Lisa M. PytlikZillig, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Published 2003

Research on Web-Based Learning: A Half-Full Glass. Richard Clark. Nine Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning. Richard Mayer and Roxana Moreno. Technology: The Great Equalizer? Eric Jolly and Christy Horn. InfoGather: A Web-Based Tool for Gathering and Organizing Web-Based Information. Brent Igo, Roger Bruning, Matt McCrudden and Doug Kauffman. ThinkAboutIt! A Web-Based Tool for Promoting Critical Thinking. Steve Lehman and Roger Bruning. Teachers, Technology, and Students At Risk. Lisa PytlikZillig, Christy Horn and Mary Jane White. At Risk in Cyberspace: At-Risk Students’ Experiences in Web-Based Courses. Christy Horn, Lisa PytlikZillig, Roger Bruning and Douglas Kauffman. Engineering perspectives: The Technical Development of the CLASS Project Online Courses, Art Zygielbaum. The Pedagogical Impact of Course Management Systems on Faculty, Students, and Institution, Charles Ansorge and Oksana Bendus. Technological Indicators of Impact of Course Management Systems. Ashok Samal and Bhuvana Gopol. Intellectual Property Issues and the Web. Turan Odabasi. Whither Research and Development in Web-Based Learning? Valentina McInerney.