Women Leaders

Advancing Careers

Edited by:
Genevieve H. Brown, Sam Houston State University
Beverly Irby, Sam Houston State University
Dr. Shirley A. Jackson, Sam Houston State University

A volume in the series: Research on Women and Education. Editor(s): Beverly Irby, Texas A&M University. Julia Ballenger, Texas A&M University, Commerce.

Published 2012

Women Leaders: Advancing Careers recognizes that while the majority of students enrolled in educational leadership preparation programs continue to be women; women’s advancement to top school executive roles is still not comparable to that of men. Despite significant gains in the past decade, the biased treatment of women continues to be a barrier to their advancement to key administrative positions.

The authors in Women Leaders: Advancing Careers have contributed significantly to the growing body of literature aimed at assisting the career advancement of women. Their research indicates that the concepts presented herein are critical to women’s leadership preparations, advancement, and success. Women Leaders: Advancing Careers melds history, theory, research, and practice to provide guidance to aspiring women administrators in developing a career path and in attaining and successfully performing in executive roles.

Preface. PART I: WOMEN LEADERS: PANORAMA. Historical Pathways of Women in School Executive Positions, Jackie M. Blount. Feminist Approaches to Educational Leadership: Relationships Based on Care, Margaret Grogan. The Rise of the Feminine: What Women of Color Bring to Leadership Roles, Linda Hampton Wesson and Johnetta Hudson. PART II: WOMEN LEADERS: POWER. Women as Successful Assistant Principals, Elaine L. Wilmore. Leadership Role of Academic Chairpersons in Higher Education: Issues and Recommendations, Sandra Lee Gupton. Women Leaders: What They Bring to Today’s Executive School Positions, Barbara Polnick, Luana Zellner, and Carole Funk Haynie. PART III: WOMEN LEADERS: PATHWAYS. Pathways to Administrative Roles, Marilyn Grady, Bernita Krumm, and Kaye Peery. Strategies for Advancing Your Career and Obtaining Your First School Executive Position, Genevieve Brown and Beverly J. Irby. Professional Development: A Paradigm Designed for Women, Carolyn S. Carr. The Balance Between Professional and Personal Life, Sandra L. Tonnsen and Aretha B. Pigford. PART IV: WOMEN LEADERS: PRACTICE. Riding the Glass Elevator, Trudy Salsberry and Kay Ann Taylor. Central Office Career Choices for Women, Anita M. Pankake and Ava J. Muñoz. A Coach‘s Lessons on Career Shifts and Leadership, Beverly E. Jones. Narrowing the Wage Gap One Negotiation at a Time, Kate C. Farrar and Annie S. Houle. About the Editors. About the Contributors.

"Overall, Women Leaders: Advancing Careers presents a wide range of informative and constructive subjects relative to women aspiring to become leaders in the field of education. In it valuable reading for students and professionals in education, helping to prepare future leaders and to strengthen current leaders." M.M. Hopkins The University of Toledo in Sex Roles