Working Together

Enhancing Urban Educator Quality Through School-University Partnerships

Edited by:
Diane Yendol-Hoppey, University of North Florida
Deborah Shanley, Brooklyn College – CUNY
Darby C. Delane, Alachua County Public Schools
David T. Hoppey, University of North Florida

A volume in the series: Advances in Teacher Education. Editor(s): Diane Yendol-Hoppey, University of North Florida. David T. Hoppey, University of North Florida. Jennifer L. Snow, Boise State University. Jennifer Jacobs, University of South Florida.

Published 2017

This book provides illustrations of urban school-university partnerships recognized by the Shirley Schwartz Award of Council of Great City Schools. The authors share their work by blending practitioner and researcher voices to offer other school and university based educators, policy makers, and foundation leadership potential solutions to the complex problem of preparing educators and enhancing teaching within urban schools.

In each chapter, the authors describe their urban partnership story, the greatest challenges they faced, how they responded to those challenges, and evidence of impact. Given that each partnership is unique, the authors conclude each chapter by offering a set of questions for discussion.

This book serves as an excellent resource for educators interested in establishing urban school-university partnerships that improve educator quality, strengthen the pipeline of urban educators, and expand Pk-12 students’ learning experiences. The book is divided into three sections: (1) Teacher Candidate Preparation, (2) Teacher Professional Development, and (3) Principal Development.

Preface, Audra Parker and Kristien Zenkov. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Improving Urban Schools Through Partnerships, Darby C. Delane. SECTION I: TEACHER CANDIDATE PREPARATION. A Stone of Hope: Preparing Masterful Readers and Teachers in an Urban Professional Development School, Susan M. Syverud, Darby C. Delane, and Lynne Raiser. The Wichita Teacher Quality Partnership, John R. Allison and Sharon Hartin Iorio. Social Justice, Action Research, and New Partners: Evolving Notions of Impact in an Urban PDS/Residency Program, Diane G. Corrigan, Edward J. Weber, Ronald S. Beebe, Kristien Zenkov, and Anna Semple. Urban Teacher Residency Partnership Program: A Partnership Between the University of South Florida College of Education and Hillsborough (FL) County Public Schools, Danielle V. Dennis, Sarah van Ingen, Jeni Davis, and Debbie Mills. The Partnership for Instructional Excellence and Quality (PIE-Q), Jennifer J. Robinson. The USF-Pepin Academies Summer Institute: Preparing Pre-service Teachers Within an Urban Charter School to Work With Students With Disabilities, David Hoppey, David H. Allsopp, and Stacy A. Hahn. SECTION II: TEACHER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. The Mort Teacher Leader Academy: Developing Teacher Leaders for Urban Schools Together, Rebecca West Burns, William Woodland Johnson III, and Suzanne Hardin-Roberts. A Partnership Between Brooklyn College–City University of New York and the American Museum of Natural History: Enhancing Teacher Preparation Through Informal Science Learning, Eleanor A. Miele and Jennifer D. Adams. SECTION III: PRINCIPAL DEVELOPMENT. Leaders for Tomorrow: A Partnership Between Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and the Educational Leadership Program at Winthrop University, Mary B. Martin and Ann B. Clark. Developing and Sustaining the Gulf Coast Partnership: Possibilities, Successes, and Challenges in Preparing Leaders, William R. Black, John L. Mann, and Joyce G. Haines. Conclusion. Inch by Inch: “Getting it Right” in Urban School-University Partnerships, Deborah A. Shanley, Diane Yendol-Hoppey, Darby C. Delane, and David Hoppey. About the Authors.


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