Analyzing School Contexts

Influences of Principals and Teachers in the Service of Students

Edited by:
Wayne K. Hoy, The Ohio State University
Michael DiPaola, The College of William and Mary

A volume in the series: Research and Theory in Educational Administration. Editor(s): Arnold B. Danzig, San José State University. William R. Black, University of South Florida.

Published 2010

Analyzing School Contexts is the ninth volume in a series of research and theory in school administration dedicated to advancing our understanding of schools through empirical study and theoretical analysis. The current selection of readings is loosely organized around the broad topics of school contexts, leadership, and organizational properties that influence the effectiveness of schools. The book begins with a reflective analysis of the importance of organizational theories and theorizing in educational in administration and then proceeds to examine research on how leaders, especially principals, can strengthen the instructional and academic capacity of the school to enhance teachers’ effectiveness in producing strong student outcomes. The analyses deal not only with what instructional leadership practices make positive differences in teaching and learning, but also with how district leadership is pivotal in developing school partnerships with business and how district mentoring programs to develop future school leaders succeed. Finally, we examine school climate, academic optimism of teachers, organizational trust, and the constraints and opportunities that the law provides to develop and maintain a respectful school environment conducive to learning.

Preface, Wayne K. Hoy and Michael DiPaola. Exploring and Explicating the Distinctive Features of Educational Organizations: Theories and Theorizing, Bob L. Johnson, Jr. Proposing and Testing a Multilevel Model of School and Teacher Effects on Student Achievement, Ronald Heck. How Principals Influence Instructional Practice: Leadership Levers, Susan Printy. Principals’ Leadership Practices Over Time: Contextual Influences on What Principals Do, Ellen B. Goldring, Henry May, and Jason Huff. Leadership for School District and Business Partnerships, Jeffrey V. Bennett. Socializing Aspiring School Leaders: The Politics of a Grow Your Own Administrator Program, Autumn Tooms. Regardless of School Size, School Climate Matters: How Dimensions of School Climate Affect Student Dropout Rate, Jacob Werblow, Quintin L. Robinson, and Luke Duesbery. Individual Academic Optimism of Secondary Teachers: A New Concept and Its Measure, Patrick Fahy, Hsin-Chieh Wu, and Wayne K. Hoy. Legal Research Tensions Involving Student Expression Rights, Martha McCarthy. Social Determinants of Student Trust in High-Poverty Elementary Schools, Curt Adams. About the Editors. About the Contributors.