Distance Learning

Volume 17 #3

Edited by:
Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University

A volume in the series: Distance Learning Journal. Editor(s): Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University.

Published 2020

Distance Learning is for leaders, practitioners, and decision makers in the fields of distance learning, e-learning, telecommunications, and related areas. It is a professional journal with applicable information for those involved with providing instruction to all kinds of learners, of all ages, using telecommunications technologies of all types. Stories are written by practitioners for practitioners with the intent of providing usable information and ideas. Articles are accepted from authors--new and experienced--with interesting and important information about the effective practice of distance teaching and learning.

Distance Learning is published quarterly. Each issue includes eight to ten articles and three to four columns, including the highly regarded "And Finally..." column covering recent important issues in the field and written by Distance Learning editor, Michael Simonson. Articles are written by practitioners from various countries and locations, nationally and internationally.



Collegiate Recovery Programs: Stepping Up to Meet the Needs for Distance Service Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Michelle R. Gould.

Teaching Principles of Economic Courses Using Adaptive Learning Platforms, Michael Luzius.

Mobile Learning with SWIVL: An Asynchronous Model With a Robotic Sidekick, Daniel Perez.

The Little Edgenuity That Could, Thomas Vaughan.

A Study of the Employability of Distant Learners in Brazil, Vinicius Mascherini de Lima.


Toward an Empathic Model of Online Education, Paul A. Crutcher.

Distance Learning and the Family, Glenn H. Dakin.

Shifting to Online Instruction in the Epicenter of a U.S. Pandemic: A Professor’s Strategies, Struggles, and Successes, Danielle DiMarco.

The Educational Debate Continues: Old Fashion Education Versus New Fangled Technology, Suzie Ehmann.

Closing the Distance in Distance Learning: Strategies to Increase Intrinsic Motivation in the Time of COVID-19, Sarah Ransdell and Jennifer Rieck.

White Paper: Modern-Day Media Versus “Mere Vehicles”, Arun Garg.

“Mere Vehicles:” An Argument for the Ages, Carla Rauseo.

Moving on From Clark’s “Mere Vehicles” Debate, Shannon Logan.


ENDS AND MEANS: The Technology Acceptance Model: Considerations for Online Educators—by Jessa Henderson and Natalie B. Milman.

TRY THIS: The Beginning Connection in an Online Course: Crucial!—by Errol Craig Sull.

ASK ERROL!—by Errol Craig Sull.

AND FINALLY ... What’s in a Name?—by Michael Simonson.