Journal of Character Education

Vol. 16 #2

Edited by:
Jacques S. Benninga, California State University, Fresno
Marvin W Berkowitz, University of Missouri - St. Louis

A volume in the series: Journal of Character Education. Editor(s): Marvin W Berkowitz, University of Missouri - St. Louis. Jonathan M. Tirrell, Tufts University.

Published 2020

The Journal of Character Education is the only professional journal in education devoted to character education. It is designed to cover the field—from the latest research to applied best practices. We include original research reports, editorials and conceptual articles by the best minds in our field, reviews of the latest books, and other relevant strategies and manuscripts by educators that describe best practices in teaching and learning related to character education. The Journal of Character Education has for over a decade been the sole scholarly journal focused on research, theory, measurement, and practice of character education. This issue includes a "Voices" section highlighting the 2017 "Sandy Award" recipient, along with four peer-reviewed articles, and a book review.

Special Issue Guest Editors’ Introduction: Heather Cazad and Sheril Morgan. ARTICLES: The 11 Principles of Effective Character Education: A Brief History, Marvin W. Berkowitz, Thomas Lickona, Tamra Nast, Esther Schaeffer, and Karen Bohlin. The 11 Principles of Character: Overview, Tamra Nast. Creating Coherent Conceptualization and Communication Among Character Education Kinfolk: Averting a “Tower of Babel”, Maurice J. Elias and May Yuan. VOICES FROM THE FIELD: A Comprehensive Approach to Character Education: Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School, Laurie Niehues. Comprehensive Approach to Character: Flower Mound Elementary School, Gayle Nurre and Tina Joeris. Thinking Critically and Taking More Action: Sheridan School, Phyllis Fagell. Moral Action and a Challenging Curriculum: North Salisbury Elementary School, Adrienne Jenkins and Ruby Brown. Self-Motivation and Staff Learning: Beasley Elementary School, Andrea Deane. Self Motivation and Learning: Donald Steward Early Childhood Center, Josie Grahl and Jean-Louis Kong. Shared Leadership and Community Engagement in Mantua Schools, Theresa Labbree. Engaged Leadership at Brentwood School, Laura Taylor. Character Development Assessment in Imagine Schools, Nadja Pardo. Utilizing Assessment to Sustain a Climate of Positive Character, Pam Green and Doug Knott. BOOK REVIEWS: Exception to the Rule: The Surprising Science of Character-Based Culture, Engagement, and Performance, by Peter J. Rea, James K. Stoller, and Alan Kolp, Rayna Smith. Grandpa’s School of Life: 7 Great Lessons on Being a Good Person, by Hal Urban, Jacques Benninga. Positive Sports Parenting, by Jim Thompson, Dave Keller.