Publish Don't Perish

100 Tips that Improve Your Ability to get Published

Robert N. Lussier, Springfield College

Published 2010

Today, publish or perish is hitting virtually all colleges and universities. As much as we may love to teach, without publishing we may not get a faculty position, not get tenure and promotions, and publishing often affects our salaries and ability to move to a new position. Therefore, the purpose of this book is to help you get your academic work published. Thus, anyone who is interested is getting ideas that will help them get published, and those who would like to help others publish, can benefit from this book.

Preface 1 Foundations (CVs, developing a winning attitude, persistence and the pipeline) 2 Publishing Assistance (mentors, professional associations, proposals, writing and proofreading) 3 Selecting Topics and Publication Sources (requirements, niche, and selecting journals) 4 Matching Publication Sources (reviewers, referencing, formatting, contacting editors) 5 Time Management (finding the time to publish and to be more productive) 6 Multiplying Publications (coauthors, progression, mining your data, and extending your work) 7 Refereed Sources (conference papers, journal articles, and cases) 8 Non-Refereed Sources (journals, edited books, book reviews, textbooks, and supplements) 9 Empirical Research (abstract, introduction, lit review, methods, results, and discussion)

"A gem of a book, filled with practical tips and lots and lots of ways to improve your publishing track record. Perfect for an early career researcher or doctoral student wanting to get their publishing record on track. For once, this is a how-to book for academics that isn't written by a Harvard/Yale/Oxford scholar." Yvonne McNulty, Ph.D. in Amazon