The Challenges of Education in Central Asia

Edited by:
Stephen P. Heyneman, Vanderbilt University
Alan J. De Young, University of Kentucky

A volume in the series: International Perspectives on Educational Policy, Research and Practice. Editor(s): Peter Moyi, University of South Carolina. Supriya Baily, George Mason University. Ayesha Khurshid, Florida State University.

Published 2006

Part I: Overview. One Step Back, Two Steps Forward: The First Stage of the Transition for Education in Central Asia. Stephen P. Heyneman. Part II: Social and Political Background. Introduction to Central Asia: Ancient Societies and the New Millennium. Gregory Gleason. The Legacy of Russian and Soviet Education and the Shaping of Ethnic, Religious, and National Identities in Central Asia. Mark S. Johnson. The Effects of the Collapse of the USSR on Teachers’ Lives and Work in Tajikistan. Sarfaroz Niyozov. Central Asian Educational Issues and Problems: Internet Coverage and Sources. Alan J. DeYoung and Charlene Santos. Turkish Higher Education Initiatives Towards Central Asia. Ahmet Aypay. Challenges of Education in Central Asia: Education and Linguistic Division in Kyrgyzstan. Britta Korth. Academic Exchange Programs in Central Asia: The First Eight Years. David Mikosz. Part III: Economic Background. Education In Central Asia During the Transition to a Market Economy. Kathryn H. Anderson, Richard Pomfret, and Natalya S. Usseinova. Education in Asia, with Particular Reference to the Kyrgyz Republic. Michael Mertaugh. Access to Education in Five Newly Independent States of Central Asia and Mongolia: A Regional Agenda. John C. Weidman, David W. Chapman, Marc Cohen, and Marcrina Lelei. Part IV: Elementary and Secondary Education. On the Demise of the “Action Plan” for Kyrgyz Education Reform: A Case Study. Alan J. DeYoung. Perspectives and Problems in Education Reform in Kyrgyzstan: The Case of National Scholarship Testing. Todd Drummond and Alan J. DeYoung. Secondary Education Reform in Kazakhstan: The Case of School Maksat. Svetlana Zhanabayeva and Lyubov Isatayeva. Part V: Higher Education. University Ranking in Central Asia: The Experience of Kazakhstan. Vladimir Briller and Shnara Iskakova. Straddling Market and State: Higher Education Governance and Finance Reform in Kazakhstan. Michael K. McLendon. Diversification of Financial Resources in Kazakh Higher Education. Timothy C. Caboni. Strategic Planning at East Kazakhstan University: How a University Can Survive in a Rapidly Shifting Policy Environment. Serik M. Abilov. Trials in the Humanities. Rafique Keshavjce. The Reform of Kazakhstan’s Educational System: The Problems of State Monopoly on Educational Quality. Zhomart K. Medeuov. Cultivating “Citizens of a New Type”: The Politics and Practice of Educational Reform at the American University in Kyrgyzstan. Madeleine Reeves.