The Mathematics Enthusiast

Volume 12 #1-3

Edited by:
Bharath Sriraman, University of Montana

A volume in the series: The Mathematics Enthusiast - Journal. Editor(s): Bharath Sriraman, University of Montana.

Published 2015

The Mathematics Enthusiast (TME) is an eclectic internationally circulated peer reviewed journal which focuses on mathematics content, mathematics education research, innovation, interdisciplinary issues and pedagogy. The journal exists as an independent entity. It is published on a print‐on‐demand basis by Information Age Publishing and the electronic version is hosted by the Department of Mathematical Sciences‐ University of Montana. The journal is not affiliated to nor subsidized by any professional organizations but supports PMENA [Psychology of Mathematics Education‐ North America] through special issues on various research topics.

0. Editorial: The Economics of Risk, Bharath Sriraman (USA)
1. Guest Editorial: Risk – Mathematical or Otherwise, Egan J Chernoff (Canada)
2. What Can Education Learn from Real‐World Communication of Risk and Uncertainty? David Spiegelhalter (England) & Jenny Gage (England)
3. Probability, Justice, and the Risk of Wrongful Conviction, Jeffrey S. Rosenthal (Canada)
4. Risk: Mathematical and Otherwise, John Adams (England)
5. Worth the Risk? Modeling Irrational Gambling Behavior, Matt Lane (USA)
6. Understanding Risk Through Board Games, Joshua T. Hertel (USA)
7. Developing Strategic and Mathematical Thinking via Game Play: Programming to Investigate a Risky Strategy for Quarto, Peter Rowlett (U.K.)
8. Risk Education: A Worldview Analysis of What is Present and Could Be, Gale L. Russell (Canada)
9. Risks Worth Taking? Social Risks and the Mathematics Teacher, Ami Mamolo (Canada) & Laura Elizabeth Pinto (Canada)
10. Risky Research Business: Mathematics Education Research on the Margins, Erika C. Bullock (USA)
11. Risk as an Explanatory Factor for Researchers’ Inferential Interpretations, Rink Hoekstra (Netherlands)
12. Risk and Decision Making: The “Logic” of Probability, Manfred Borovcnik (Austria)
13. A Cognitive Framework for Normative Reasoning under Uncertainty, and Reasoning about Risk, and Implications for Educational Practice, Sylvia Kuzmak (USA)
14. Good Models and Good Representations are a Support for Learners’ Risk Assessment, Laura Martignon (Germany) & Sebastian Kuntze (Germany)
15. Teaching Risk in School, Andreas Eichler (Germany) & Markus Vogel (Germany)
16. A Models and Modeling Approach to Risk and Uncertainty, Corey Brady (USA) & Richard Lesh (USA)
17. Risk—A Fundamental Condition of Doing Mathematics, Wolff‐Michael Roth (Canada) & Jean‐François Maheux (Canada)
18. Making Decisions about Gambling: The Influence of Risk on Children’s Arguments, Annie Savard (Canada)
19. Students’ Language Repertoires for Prediction, David Wagner (Canada), Joseph Dicks (Canada) & Paula Kristmanson (Canada)
20. The Role of Probabilistic Reasoning Abilities on Adolescent Risk Taking, Maria Anna Donati (Italy), Francesca Chiesi (Italy) & Caterina Primi (Italy)
21. Levels of Reasoning of Middle School Students about Data Dispersion in Risk Contexts, Ernesto Sánchez (México) & Antonio Orta (México)
22. Promoting Risk Taking in Mathematics Classrooms: The importance of Creating a Safe Learning Environment, Sashi Sharma (New Zealand)
23. Pedagogy of Risk: Why and How Should We Teach Risk in High School Math Classes?, Nenad Radakovic (Canada)
24. Risk Intuitions and Perceptions: A Case Study of Four Year 13 (Grade 12) Students, Stephanie Budgett (New Zealand), Lorraine O’Carroll (New Zealand) & Maxine Pfannkuch (New Zealand)
25. Judgment of Association between Potential Factors and Associated Risk in 2x2 Tables: A Study with Psychology Students, Carmen Batanero (Spain), Gustavo R. Cañadas (Spain), Carmen Díaz (Spain) & Maria M. Gea (Spain)
26. Adults’ Perceptions of Risk in the Big Data Era, Theodosia Prodromou (Australia)
27. Calculated Risks: The Teacher as Big Data Producer and Risk Analyst, Nat Banting (Canada)
Other Feature Articles
28. Dividing a pizza into equal parts – an easy job? Hans Humenberger (Austria)
29. A Conversation with Herbert Tate: Mathematics Educator and Builder, Christian Genest (Canada)
30. Mathematical Creativity: The Unexpected Links, Amine El‐Sahili, Nour Al‐Sharif, Sahar Khanafer (Lebanon)
31. A dialectical invariant for research in mathematics education, Mauro García Pupo (Colombia) & Juan E. Nápoles Valdes (Argentina)