Taking Better Notes in Math Class

Robert Gerver

Published 2013

Write On! Math is a program that offers specific strategies and projects designed to keep your students engaged during math class, strengthen their mathematics, and teach them technical writing skills. Write On! Math is a program that will teach students systematically how to take better notes in math class. Total concentration is a prerequisite to learning how to take better notes. Therefore, a by-product of taking better notes is staying focused in class.

Possibly, as a teacher, you at one time remarked to a colleague how you understood something better (or even for the first time!) when you had to teach it. There is no better way to ensure you know something well than to have to teach it to somebody else. The Write On! Math program requires students to do exactly that—that is why it improves their mathematics as well as teaches them a valuable writing technique not taught in English class. Write On! Math will improve they way you preset material to your students in class and on your handouts.

Introduction: Why Focus on Writing in Mathematics? Chapter 1: Introduction to Communication Chapter 2: The Notes You Take in Math Class Chapter 3: Writing Techniques Chapter 4: Sample Student Research Paper