Quarterly Review of Distance Education

Research that Guides Practice

An Official Journal of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology

Editor: Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University

Indexed in DE HUB

Volume 16 #2, 2015


Technology Transience: Opportunities, Challenges, and Implications, Ray J. Amirault and Yusra Laila Visser


Technology Transience and the Challenges it Poses to Higher Education, Ray J. Amirault

Reframing the Role of Educational Media Technologies, Wim Westera

Distance Education Leadership in the Context of Digital Change, Michael F. Beaudoin

Technology Transience and Learning Data: Shifting Notions of Privacy in Online Learning, Vanessa P. Dennen

Assistive Technology Instruction Within a Continuously Evolving Technology Environment, George R. Peterson‐Karlan

The Uses (and Misuses) of Collaborative Distance Education Technologies: Implications for the Debate on Transience in Technology, YunJeong (Eunice) Chang and Michael J. Hannafin

Revisiting Teacher Preparation: Responding to Technology Transience in the Educational Setting, Lin Y. Muilenburg and Zane L. Berge

Designing Instruction in the Face of Technology Transience, Jennifer A. Linder‐VanBerschot and Laura L. Summers

Constant Change: The Ever‐Evolving Personal Learning Environment, Ricardo Torres Kompen, Josep Mª Monguet, and Miguel Brigos

In a World of Exploding Possibilities in Distance Learning, Don’t Forget About the Light Bulb, Andrea Bosch, Lisa Hartenberger Toby, and Abdul Rahman Alhamzy

Technology Transience and Distance Education in the Second Machine Age, Karen Swan

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The SoJo Journal

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Middle Grades Research Journal

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Quarterly Review of Distance Education

Quarterly Review of Distance Education

An Official Journal of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology