Quarterly Review of Distance Education

Research that Guides Practice

An Official Journal of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology

Editor: Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University

Indexed in DE HUB

Volume 16 #4, 2015

Online Module to Assure Success as Prelicensure Nursing Students Transition to Professional Practice, Diana-Lyn Baptiste and Sarah J. M. Shaefer

Analysis of Student Perceptions of the Psychosocial Learning Environment in Online and Face-to-Face Career and Technical Education Courses, Diane L. Carver and Michael F. Kosloski, Jr

Do E-learning Tools Make a Difference? Results From a Case Study David Desplaces, Carrie A. Blair, and Trent Salvaggio

Assessing Faculty Experiences With and Perceptions of an Internal Quality Assurance Process for Undergraduate Distributed Learning Courses: A Pilot Study Ryan Rucker, Karen Edwards, and Lydia R. Frass

Intersubjectivity in Theoretical and Practical Online Courses Janine Lim and Barbara M. Hall

Triangulating Assessment of Online Collaborative Learning Jennifer Lock and Carol Johnson

Student Evaluation Response Rates of Teacher Performance in Higher Education Online Classes Kelli R. Paquette, Frank Corbett, Jr., and Melissa Casses

Using ADDIE and Systems Thinking as the Framework for Developing a MOOC: A Case Study Rebecca A. Croxton and Anthony S. Chow

Conquering the Content: A Blueprint for Online Course Design and Development (2nd ed.), by Robin M. Smith Reviewed by Michelle Rogers-Estable

Teaching in a Digital Age, by A. W. (Tony) Bates Reviewed by Tonia A. Dousay

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Quarterly Review of Distance Education

Quarterly Review of Distance Education

An Official Journal of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology