Advances in Qualitative Organization Research

Qualitative Organization Research is devoted to the publication of qualitative research relevant to the interests of organizational scholars. As used to define the domain of QOR, "qualitative research" encompasses all forms of research performed with qualitative data, that is, data that present themselves in nonnumeric form. Such research may be conducted using methods that are qualitative or a combination of qualitative and quantitative, with the aim of developing a thick description and grounded understanding of the focus of inquiry. It may concern topics derived from any of the organization sciences, including but not limited to the areas of Organizational Behavior, Organization Theory, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, and Organization Development. Manuscripts extending beyond the length restrictions of traditional journals are welcome, with the understanding that authors will strive to communicate their ideas as clearly and succinctly as possible.

QOR should appeal to organizational researchers interested in publishing detailed qualitative studies of their own and in learning more about the methods and methodologies of qualitative research. At the same time, purely quantitative organizational researchers should find QOR valuable as a source of grounded insights and testable hypotheses. Publication decisions will be made by the series editor in consultation with the editors. Such decisions will involvement assessments of the "value added" of each manuscript in the realms of grounded insight and conceptual advancement. Authors should anticipate a process of developmental revision, in consultation with the editor and a member of the board, following provisional manuscript acceptance.