Contemporary Perspectives Through Action Research Across Educational Disciplines

The mission of the Contemporary Perspectives Through Action Research Across Educational Disciplines series is to present targeted volumes of action research findings from a wide variety of educational settings. Specifically, this series aims to highlight the issues that commonly impact practitioners, counselors, administrators, and other stakeholders in education. Through the use of action research methodologies to address such issues, this series offers a resource for improving educational practice in diverse educational contexts.

The rationale for such a series comes from the continually evolving educational landscape, resulting from changing student demographics and societal needs. To face the contemporary issues that surface as a result of this changing educational landscape, educators must prepare for and lead through the change with an intent on overcoming these issues through improvements to their daily practice. As many educators are left without tools or resources to make a stronger impact in their educational contexts, we envision this series will serve as a mentor text that provides examples of studies/efforts undertaken by practitioners using action research to improve their practice. As a result, Action Research Across Educational Disciplines will present the tools and findings associated with action research to educators across the broad field of K-12 education, and beyond, wishing to improve and transform their practice.