Contemporary Perspectives on Supervision and Instructional Leadership

This book series is endorsed by the Council of Professors of Instructional Supervision.

This book series seeks to add to the body of knowledge on supervisory perspectives and practice in multiple domains of leadership. Current events and circumstances demand an increased emphasis on inclusivity, cultural proficiency, and instructional leadership. This means that leaders must be intentional and hypervigilant in looking for approaches to authentically involve microcultures, both academically and socio-emotionally. This intentional involvement may include reaching out to groups who do not even know how to express that they feel disenfranchised or marginalized.

This work is not confined to traditional roles of leadership, rather, it requires a willingness for those in traditional leadership roles to examine their own beliefs and practices, and to intentionally model inclusivity, cultural proficiency, and instructional leadership, while working to increase the leadership capacity of teachers and informal leaders. Within this perspective, clinical experiences for teacher and leader candidates become even more critical, as we must use theory to inform contextualized practice. Within this series, we will share emergent theoretical models as well as stories of best practices. We invite participation from established researchers, emerging scholars, and current practitioners to advance these ideas.

Volume 1: Coming Soon
Supervision in Clinically Based Teacher Education: Advances, Opportunities, and Explorations

Volume 2: Coming Soon
Inclusive Leadership: From Theory to Practice