Contemporary Perspectives on Curricular Interactions, Behavior, Relationships, and Classroom Management

The Classroom Management Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Education Research Association (AERA) is sponsoring a new book series in collaboration with Information Age Publishing. “Contemporary Perspectives on Curricular Interactions, Behavior, and Classroom Management” will focus on research and knowledge in the area of classroom management, classroom organization, discipline, behavior, school social interactions, and teacher education. As such, this book series concentrates on a variety of dimensions of academic, behavioral, and social curricular interactions that parallel the discourses engaged by members of the Classroom Management SIG.

Volumes in this series to include cutting edge research in the following:
> Classroom management
> Classroom organization
> Discipline
> Behavior
> School and classroom social interactions
> Teacher education

Ideas of edited collections of work are welcome from the following:
> Master and novice researchers
> Educators
> Theorists and practitioners in related fields to classroom management.
> Graduate students and other new scholars work will be highly encouraged.
> Empirical qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods research, and theoretical work will be considered for publication.

Chapter contributions welcome from the following:
> Authors of Classroom Management SIG presentations
> Authors of presentations on related topics
> Other contributors as relevant

Further Information
> Chapter manuscripts will be peer-reviewed.
> A compilation volume with accepted chapter manuscripts will be published every two years.
> Applications for book chapters, and/or additional books and edited books will also be considered for publication within this book series on a rolling basis if they are consistent with the book series topic.
> A 250 word abstract must be presented for Editor review

Send inquiries to: Candace Schlein at