Critical Concerns in Blindness

(A Project of the Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness)

The Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness was established by the Louisiana Center for the Blind in 1999 and became a center at Louisiana Tech University in October 2001. The purpose of the Institute on Blindness is to provide leadership in creating programs and conducting research that recognizes the socially constructed assumptions underpinning the current structure of the blindness system and research being done on blindness. As a result, the Institute on Blindness provides alternative programs and research that expands the boundaries of the blindness field. Currently the Institute on Blindness offers two graduate programs-orientation and mobility and teachers of blind students (often referred to as teachers of the visually impaired). The mission of the institute is to advance the blindness field by providing the blind and professionals serving the blind with innovative programs and conducting meaningful research that will empower blind people to live independent and productive lives.