Critical Perspectives on Democratic Citizenship in Education

This is a series of books, which critically investigates and informs the construction of democratic citizenship in education. This series will expand the notions of democratic citizenship and its implications for multiple understandings of democracy, citizenship, education, participation, culture and youth. At a historical moment when global citizenship education is being promoted as intrinsic to quality education worldwide (Sustainable Development Goal 4.7), while at the same time public education is being eroded by the privatization and corporatization of education, it is crucial for concerned scholars to critically address these issues.

The book series will include scholarly investigations into the development of democratic citizenship in and through education. Key themes anticipated for the series include (but are not limited to):

Concepts of democracy and the role of education in the 21st century

Critical pedagogy and critical perspectives in learning and practicing democratic citizenship

Identity and membership in democratic societies and educational endeavors

Social media, popular culture and links with learning democratic citizenship

Ideology and its influences on democratic schooling

Education for democratic citizenship in a globalized world

Given the salience of these themes for an international audience, the book series will include research from both the United States and abroad. By including comparative and international education scholars, this book series will contribute to a more holistic and critical understanding of democratic citizenship and education.