Current Social and Cultural Issues: Challenges and Solutions

The purpose of this book series is to provide a description and explanation of various research and evaluation theories, methods, instruments, and techniques which can serve as a “practitioner guide” to action in the context of current and emerging social and cultural challenges. Although the books included in the series may be organized in various ways, each will include specific guides, book chapters, case study examples, and other resources intended to provide the reader/user with clear recommendations for practice. The books in this series will be distinct from other works in the fields of research and evaluation in that they will focus on “learning from action and action from learning” rather than merely exposit theoretical frameworks. In addition, this book series is designed from its inception as a guide to inquiry with individuals and groups which are underrepresented, marginalized and/or disadvantaged. With this purpose, the book series focuses on the meaningfulness of these approaches framed by a commitment to social justice and considers research and evaluation with the imperative of involving voiceless, marginalized, unrepresented, or devalued populations.

We anticipate the books in the series will be useful for teachers of research and evaluation, practitioners, dissertation students, and most importantly, as a ready
reference (i.e., a field guide).