Emerging Information Technologies: Applications, Innovations, and Research

A number of technologies have emerged within the last decade due to advances within the field of information technologies, faster computer hardware, intelligent software and increasing Internet connectivity. The mission of this book series is to provide reference text publication for scholars, researchers, academics, practitioners, and technology usage decision makers to update their knowledge on methodologies, theoretical analyses, modeling, simulation, concepts, and empirical studies on emerging technologies. The books in the series intend to publish chapters on the evolving theory and practice related to emerging technologies, innovations, practice, applications, use cases and research with emerging technologies. The books and its chapters are going to provide comprehensive coverage and understanding of their uses within the technological, business, educational, government and organizational domains. The scope of the book is not limited to but intends to include Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Blockchain, Big Data, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Cyber Security, Drone Technology, Quantum Computing, 5G Networks, Edge Computing, Digital Twins, Wearable Technology and Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing). The objective of the book is to provide a thorough examination of all the emerging technologies with respect to issues of management, applications, innovations, governance, challenges, opportunities, solutions, trust, privacy, interoperability. It will contain primary research work not previously published. The unique feature of this book series will be to document real-world examples and use cases for stakeholders to learn from. The convergence of different technologies to create super technologies that takes advantages of each one’s strength to mitigate the others weaknesses will be the highlight of the chapters in this book series.