Hispanics in Education and Administration


The Hispanics in Education and Administration book series aims to contribute to a national conversation about the fastest growing demographic in the United States by highlighting the latest research in theory and practice about Hispanics in education and administration. The editors are inviting practitioners and top researchers in the field of education and administration to collaborate and contribute to the improvement of educational opportunities for Hispanic populations.

Latinx** are the fastest growing demographic group in the United States. To address educational efforts towards this populations, we seek volumes, textbooks, and full-length studies focusing on the educational attainment of this group from Pre-K to Higher Education settings. (**Hispanic is a pan-ethnic term that generally refers to people of a Spanish-speaking background. It is used to refer to people of multiple racial and ethnic backgrounds. Often times, Hispanic and Latina/o/x are used interchangeably. Technically, Latino is also a pan-ethnic term that is used to refer to Spanish-speaking people from Latin America. However, as of late, people have started to replace the Latino referent with Latinx to ensure gender inclusivity. In this series of work, editors and authors may use Hispanic, Latina/o/x and/or other more specific descriptors (e.g., Dominican, Puerto Riqueño, Chicana/o/x, Mestiza/o/x, Chilean…)

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
> Conducting Research with Hispanic Student, Families and Communities

> Latinx Leadership

> Latinx Racial Identity Development

> Latinx Diaspora

> Bilingual and English as a Second Language Education

> Dreamers and DACA

> LGBTQ / Queer Issues and Latinx

> Hispanic Serving Institutions

> Evolving Demography and Linguistic Shifts among the Latinx Community

> Higher Education Administration and Hispanic Issues

> K-12 Educational Leadership for Hispanic Populations

> Teacher Education and Hispanic Issues

> Latinx Communities

Book proposals of five to eight pages are welcome and will undergo editorial team and/or blind peer review. Each proposal should contain the following:

> Overview, Aim and Rationale (Please include the purpose and scope of the book project, with a rationale for audience intended (i.e. K-12, higher education administration, Policy Makers) and the informing literature

> 5-7 keywords and approximate word count for each chapter

> A table of contents and an introductory chapter that identifies a specific topic related to Hispanics in Education and Administration

> A brief synopsis of each planned chapter. (In cases where specific authors are invited to participate, include their names and affiliations)

This is an open call so with each proposal, authors must also provide a timeline describing the stages of the publication process including:

> Call for chapters (if edited)

> Submission of chapters to editors

> Peer review

> Revisions

> Final edits

Send Inquiries to: Frank Hernandez