Instructional Technology Guidebooks for Educators and Parents

Our idea for this series of instructional technology guidebooks is to provide educators and parents with concise, accurate, balanced, and up-to-date information on the major questions they are likely to face. We will review the latest research that studies the positive and negative effects of technology use in the schools and at home, and we will review what the research suggests regarding ways to positively integrate instructional technologies in school and at home. We will pay particular attention to the educational, cognitive, psychological, social, and environmental costs and benefits related to the use of instructional technologies and online learning.

The educator books will be written in simple, straightforward, non-academic language that will provide a blueprint/checklist on how to bring technology workplace designers, teachers, and students together. The parent book will be written in a similar manner, with special emphasis on how parents can monitor, understand, and advocate for the use of instructional technologies in their children’s classrooms and at home. Stylistically, we intend to create a series that avoids inflammatory rhetoric and is primarily pro-teacher and pro-parent.

New book “coming soon”: The Middle-Level Teacher Technology Guidebook: 20 Questions and 260 Answers