International Sourcebooks in Mathematics and Science Education

Mathematics and Science education have both grown in fertile directions is different geographic regions. Yet, the mainstream discourse in international handbooks does not lend voice to developments in cognition, curriculum, teacher development, assessment, policy and implementation of mathematics and science in many countries. Paradoxically, in spite of advances in information technology and the “flat earth” syndrome, old distinctions and biases between different groups of researcher’s persist. In addition limited accessibility to conferences and journals also contribute to this problem.

The International Sourcebooks in Mathematics and Science Education focuses on under-represented regions of the world and provides a platform for researchers to showcase their research and development in areas within mathematics and science education.

Advisory Board
Ahmet Arikan, Gazi University, Turkey. Marcelo Borba, São Paulo State University, Brazil. Jinfa Cai, University of Delaware, USA. Lim Chapsam, Universiti Sains, Malaysia. Lyn English, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Viktor Freiman, University of Moncton, Canada. Simon Goodchild, University of Agder, Norway. Gudbjorg Palsdottir, University of Iceland. Guenter Toerner, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Doru Stefanescu, University of Bucharest, Romania. K. Subramanium, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India.