Management History: Global Perspectives

This book series has two broad purposes. First, it seeks to determine whether there is a “universal” management model through an examination of circumstances in a number of different nations and industries. Second, it brings to a wider audience some of the leading research in the field of management history. In doing so, it will include works presented at the Management History Division of the Academy of Management and the Management History track at the European Academy of Management, which will help in fostering and disseminating new understandings of management and its development. The book series indicates that, while there has been much variance in managerial practices across time and space, we can nevertheless speak of a “universal” managerial model.

The book series “Management History: Global Perspectives” addresses, at a global level, the historical development of management and related areas (e.g., entrepreneurship, international business, marketing, retailing, strategy, accounting), concepts, theories, and practices as well as the application and evolution of historical research methods. The series will collect contributions related to management history research, and its methods, with a clear relationship to present-day debates in the management discipline. Two types of contributions are included. First, works that make historical assessments of the social consequences of management, reexaminations of established historical concepts, the historical development of management of present-day companies, and topics that draw on historical data that are firmly rooted in a historical perspective. Second, contributions able to discuss the ways of using historical materials, new directions in management historical research and oral history, and the importance of a historical and global perspective in management.

Editorial Board
Gianpaolo Abatecola, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. Adoracion Álvaro Moya, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. Bradley Bowden, University of Griffith, Australia. Marcelo Bucheli, University of Illinois, US. Ludovic Cailluet, EDHEC Business School, France. Andrew Cardow, Massey University, New Zealand. Sebastien Damart, Dauphine University, France. Stephanie Decker, University of Birmingham, UK. Gabrielle Durepos, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada. Susanna Fellman, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Anthony Gould, Université Laval. Chris Hartt, dalhousie university, US. Mario Hayek, Texas A&M University-Commerce, US. Joyce Heames, Berry College, US. John Humphreys, Texas A&M University-Commerce, US. Jay Janney, University of Dayton, US. Enes Kurt, Istinye University, Turkey. Albert J. Mills, University of Eastern Finland. Jean Helms Mills, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Kenichi Miyata, Meiji University, Japan. Martín Monsalve Zanatti, Universidad del Pacífico, Perù. Patrick Murphy, University of Alabama at Birmingham,US. Milorad Novicevic, The University of Mississippi, US. Jason Russell, SUNY Empire State College, US. Massimo Sargiacomo, D'Annunzio University of Chieti Pescara, Italy. Hindy Schacther, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US. Andrew Smith, University of Liverpool, UK. John-Christopher (JC) Spender, Kozminski University, Poland. Nicolaas Strydom, University of Johaneesburg, South Africa. Kevin Tennent, University of York, UK. Michael Weatherburn, Imperial College London, UK. Alex Williams, Texas A&M University-Commerce, US. Grietjie Verhoef, University of Johaneesburg, South Africa. Aykut Berber, University of the West of England, UK. Christian Stutz, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Nicholous Deal, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada. Andrea Lluch, Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, Argentina. Jean-Etienne Joullié, École de Management Léonard de Vinci, France.