Research in Mathematics Education

Call for Proposals

Denisse R. Thompson (University of South Florida, emeritus, denisse@usf.edu)
Mary Ann Huntley (Cornell University, huntley@math.cornell.edu)
Christine Suurtamm (University of Ottawa, Christine.Suurtamm@uottawa.ca)

Scholars in many countries are involved in researching effective approaches to the teaching and learning of mathematics. Each book in the series, Research in Mathematics Education, focuses on a theme that is of interest to a broad range of audiences, including researchers, professional development providers, teacher educators, curriculum developers, and classroom teachers.

The editors are currently inviting proposals from a variety of perspectives at all levels of schooling. Any high-quality research that addresses an important issue in mathematics education and is of interest to an international audience will be considered. Some topics for which there is particular interest include (but are not limited to) the following: curriculum, assessment, equity in addressing diverse learners, research on the teaching and learning of particular content strands, teacher education (along the entire continuum, from preparation to induction to professional development of practicing teachers), and models of and research into effectiveness of alternative paths to teacher certification.

The editors also welcome proposals with the purpose of sharing research that has been discussed at conferences in order to make it available to a wide audience. In this way, papers can be presented in more detail or extended further than is often possible at conferences.