Research on High School and Beyond

The aim of this series is to provide academics, students, and policymakers with information and analysis on education policies, practices, and programs designed to prepare high school students for college and careers. One of the most critical challenges we face as a nation is preparing our students to thrive in a rapidly changing economic arena. Fifty years ago, young people could enter the labor market with limited skills and academic credentials and find lifelong careers that provided living wages. Those options have all but vanished, and the traditional divide between pathways to college and the workplace have blurred. Yet many of the learning expectations, academics, pedagogy and organizing structures grounded in today’s high schools reflect an education system created in the early years of the 20th century, when most workers only needed a rudimentary education.

This series will take a broad focus on analysis of policies, practices, and programs designed to prepare high school students for a rapidly changing world. The chapters may focus on topics such as preparing students for high school, implementation and impact of high school reform efforts, transition to postsecondary education or the workplace, and postsecondary achievement and attainment. The authors may come from a variety of fields, such as sociology, psychology, economics, and anthropology. As this is an education series, however, the primary emphasis will be on formal education. Titles in the series could be research monographs, edited volumes or conference proceedings, handbooks or multi-volume reference works. The titles will be written by researchers for researchers, and each volume will provide rigorous analysis in order to improve our understanding of the vital interplay of education opportunities and experiences and success beyond high school.