Teacher Education in Global Contexts: Promoting Culturally Sustaining Teachers and Teacher Educators

Teacher education as a discipline is relatively a new field, but as a profession it has a long history that could be tracked back thousands of years ago. In almost every country teacher education is under scrutiny, partially due to the increasing public concern over the availability and quality of public education. This is especially the case in an increasingly integrated and competitive global economy.

In spite of the increased awareness of globalized teacher education, there is limited empirical research on quality of teacher education practices due to the complexity of contextual factors related to teacher education. On one hand, educational researchers and scholars in different international contexts argue that teacher educators should model practices to allow teacher candidates to witness and understand complex and ambitious teaching practices. On the other hand, there is limited guidance for consistent and culturally sustaining practices.

In order to address these issues, this book series has the following objectives:

1. Explore historical, sociocultural, and linguistic aspects of teacher education programs in global contexts.
2. Identify essential components of culturally sustaining teacher education curricula in different cultural contexts.
3. Demonstrate inclusive and equitable teacher education practices in diverse settings across the world.
4. Promote high-quality teacher education in global contexts.

Proposed Series

This book series will start with three books co-edited by the series editors, each book consisting of 9-12 chapters.
Book 1: Transformative Teacher Education in Global Contexts
Book 2: TESOL Education in Global Contexts
Book 3: Ethics and Character Education in Global Contexts

An Open Call for Book Proposals for edited and authored books will be available soon.