Theory to Practice: Educational Psychology for Teachers and Teaching

In an age where the quality of teacher education programs has been called into question, it is more important than ever that teachers have a fundamental understanding of the principles of human learning, motivation, development, and assessment. Theory to Practice: Educational Psychology for Teachers and Teaching is a series for those who teach educational psychology in teacher education programs. At a time when educational psychology is at risk of becoming marginalized, it is imperative that we, as educators, “walk our talk” in serving as models of what effective instruction looks like.

Each volume draws upon the latest research to help instructors model fundamental principles of learning, motivation, and development to best prepare their students for the diverse, multidimensional, uncertain, and socially-embedded environments in which these future educators will teach. Topics include: Teaching on and for learning, teaching on and for motivation, teaching on and for development, teaching assessment in educational psychology, preparing advocates in teacher education and beyond, and teaching educational psychology across non-traditional contexts.

Volumes Expected:
Volume 1 - Teaching on Assessment
Volume 2 - Teaching Motivation for Student Engagement
Volume 3 - Teaching Learning for Effective Instruction
Volume 4 - Teaching to Prepare Advocates
Volume 5 - Teaching on and for Development
Volume 6 - Teaching in Online, Distance, and Non-Traditional Contexts