Urban Education Studies Series

We perceive a continued lack of attention to intersectionality in education, despite growing interest in popular media and ongoing investment in intersectional-type work in the social sciences. Our collection invites urban educators, and educators in general to ask: “How can our work benefit by incorporating intersectionality theories in research and in practice?” “What might we be able to better see using an intersectional lens?” Though in many ways the literature on intersectionality and education echoes recommendations from studies of diversity over the years, we believe there is the potential for intersectionality to produce a serendipitous effect, revitalizing our theory and praxis around race, class, gender, and other identity axes in urban education. In addition, intersectionality can help and support theories based on a social justice by further illuminating research analysis, including shining a light on nuances that often remain in the shadow during analysis. We hope to engage readers with a range of possibilities for applying intersectionality theories in their own educational settings; urban or otherwise.