Work-Life Balance

The purpose of this book series is to promote research on work-life balance.

Contact Joanne M. Marshall at for information about this series.

Call for Papers

We seek edited volumes, textbooks, and full-length studies focused on research that explores the ways in which people manage their work and "not-work." The first books in the series have come from higher education, and from the specific discipline of educational leadership, but we hope that other work areas and disciplines will follow. Possible topics include, but are not restricted to, the following:

- Definitions and Conceptions of Work-Life Balance
- Critical Interpretations of Work-Life Balance
- Mentoring for Work-Life Balance
- Graduate Students and Work-Life Balance
- Gender and Work-life Balance
- Race and Ethnicity and Work-Life Balance
- International Perspectives on Work-Life Balance
- Elder Care and Work-Life Balance
- Singleness and Work-Life Balance
- Non-Traditional Families and Work-Life Balance

We invite you and your colleagues to submit a book proposal of five to ten pages. All proposals will undergo editorial team and/or blind peer review. Proposals should include the following sections:

1. Overview and Purpose
Explain the purpose and scope of the book project, providing a rationale for how it is grounded in and extends the current research on work-life balance.

2. Summary of Contents
Provide a proposed table of contents, brief synopsis of each chapter, and an approximate page count for each chapter, including any references and appendices. If you have identified authors or editors, please omit their names but provide a description of their expertise. If you are sending out a call for chapters, please include the call and guidelines for authors.

3. Timeline
The timeline should include phases of the publication process. Include dates for a call for chapters, for submission of chapters to the editor, for peer review, for revisions, for final editing, and for submission. Accepted proposals will undergo editorial and/or blind peer review by the series editors.