Social Science Education Consortium Newsletter

WINTER, 2024

New Officers. Annual Conference. Past and Future Conferences. Mmeber News. Member Sightings. SSEC Publications. Board Activities. Partnerships Committee. In Memoriam. Guest Essay.

SUMMER, 2023

Changes on the Board, Department of Publications, Board Activities, Publications, IAP Partnership, Early Career Scholars, iCivics, Early Career Scholars, 2023 Irving Morrissett Award, Annual Conference

WINTER, 2023

In this issue, we touch on the Summer 2023 Annual SSEC Conference at Western Washington University, fall webinars, new publications, reflections on SSEC’s core mission, and the passing of long-time members.

SUMMER, 2022

We report on our international conference in Dublin, catch up on member news and pubications, changes on the SSEC Board, new SSEC publications, and organizational plans for the future.

FALL, 2021

Conference Recap, Honors, Board Members, Research and Development, What's New, Member News, Publications, SSEC Publications, Young Scholar Program, Programs and Resources, From our Partners, 2022 Conference

SPRING, 2021

2021 SSEC Virtual Conference. Thanks for Board Service. Honors. What's New. Member Survey Results. Publications. News from Overseas. From our Partners. Member News.

FALL, 2020

New 2020-21 SSEC Officers. 2021 SSEC Virtual Conference. SSEC at NCSS 2020. Honors. Publications. SSEC Member Links. In the Works. Member News.

SPRING, 2020

Annual Meeting in July. 2021 Conference. New Board Members. Honors. Member Publications. SSEC Publications. New Website for Teachers. Job Opening. SSEC at NCSS. From Our Partners. What's New? Recuitment Offer. Donate to the Young Scholar Program. Past Conferences.

FALL, 2019

2020 SSEC International Conference. Member Publications. SSEC Publications. Donate to the Young Scholar Program. SSEC at NCSS in Austin. Honors. News.

SPRING, 2019

What's New at SSEC. SSEC 2019 Conference. IAP Becomes SSEC Official Publisher. New SSEC Website Domain Name. SSEC Joins the CivXNow Coalition, Change in SSEC Dues and Benefits, Implementing Electronic Payments. Announcing the Site of SSEC 2020. Congratulatinos to Ilene R. Berson. SSEC Social Media Presence.
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