The SoJo Journal

Educational Foundations and Social Justice Education

Volume 4 #2, 2019

Transformative Educational Leadership Praxis Engaged With Critical Race and Whiteness Theory, Joshua Bornstein and Daniel D. Liou. Transformative Leadership to Confront White Supremacist Discipline Practices During Turnaround School Reform, Joshua Bornstein. Transforming Education for Students of Color: Reenvisioning Teacher Leadership for Educational Justice, Leticia Rojas. Responding to the “Trump Effect”: Using Transformative Leadership and Critical Race Curriculum to Uplift One Middle School’s Racialized Climate, Kelly Deits-Cutler. Transforming Academic Advising: Implementing Validating Advising Experiences With First-Generation Latina Engineering Students, Tamara Coronella. Affirming Immigrant Families’ Educational Expectations: Race-Conscious Transformative Leadership Breaking the Educational Racial Contract, Daniel D. Liou and Cheryl E. Matias. Transformative Leaders in the Making: Understanding Adolescent Leadership Development Through Student Voice, Service-Learning, and Social Justice, David L. Sorkin. Holding School Leaders to Higher Expectations: Embodying the “Transformative” in Educational Leadership, Daniel D. Liou and Joshua Bornstein.