IAP Style Guide


Read the attachment “Book Proposal” which specifies this volume’s purpose, need, marketing plan (blank), editor, contributors, table of contents (tentative), and timeline (tentative; updated from the original mailing).

Concerning the marketing plan to be specified in the Book Proposal: Each contributor’s assistance is critically important for this volume to be marketed to the largest possible audience (namely, those who teach applied ethics and associations/groups/SIGs in each author’s profession). To this end, each contributor should email to the Editor of this volume (insert editor’s email address).

  • Any direct mail lists (e.g., conference delegates’ lists, society membership lists, etc.) that could be used to contact potential audience members.
  • List of professional societies/organization/list brokers that IAP could approach to obtain their mailing lists (e.g., American Educational Research Association or the Academy of Management).
  • Publishers of professional journals, periodicals, etc. (include publisher, address, telephone, and email address).
  • Conferences, symposia, etc., where this volume could be promoted. Include name and data of event, organizer and address, etc. Also: Indicate whether you plan to attend.
  • This volume may be suitable for bulk sale to organizations, companies, schools, or institutions. If an author believes this volume has bulk sale potential, please list those organization that IAP should approach those with a reason why the book should appeal to them.

Please send this information agreed upon date.

Concerning the contributors list: Each short biography in the “Roster of Authors – Accepted” document was composed from publicly available sources. Contributors may revise. Email revisions to the Editor of this volume.

Concerning the Table of Contents: This listing and titles are is tentative. The final listing will be formulated after the final manuscripts are accepted.

Concerning the Timeline: The original timeline has been slightly updated to reflect the somewhat slower than anticipated startup of this project due to the difficulty in finding a senior legal scholar who is willing to contribute to the volume and IAP’s production schedule. If a contributor envisions a problem with this Timeline, let the Editor know ASAP because it has to be submitted to IAP so they can adjust their production schedule.

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