Temple University Professor Receives UCEA Master Professor Award

Congratulations to Steven Jay Gross, Temple University as the recipient of the Master Professor Award sponsored by IAP from UCEA - University Council for Educational Administration

The UCEA Master Professor Award is to be made to an individual faculty member whose record (as indicated by the following characteristics) is so distinguished that the UCEA must recognize this individual in a significant and timely manner. The attributes for choosing The UCEA Master Professor includes a professor who has a sustained record as an outstanding teacher, as attested to by students and faculty peers. They have exhibited educational innovation in the classroom and the extension of educational opportunities to an ever-wider group of students in educational leadership/administration programs; is considered to be an outstanding advisors and mentors of students as evidenced by mentoring students in research projects that address the needs of K-12 educational systems; has taken a leadership role in their academic unit, as administrators and/or leaders in educational endeavors. They have gained a regional and national reputation, as an educational leader and innovato; has provided outstanding leadership in promoting and supporting diversity in faculty, students, staff, programs, and curriculum in the field of 183 educational leadership/administration; and has provided outstanding public service through participation in public or private agencies, or both bodies that contribute to PK-16 partnerships and to improving the quality of PK-16 education throughout state, national, or international arenas.

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