Volume 8 #3, 2011

Editorial – “Glocal”, “Glocavores”: Good Gadgetry? Bharath Sriraman (Montana, USA)

Special Issue: Optimizing Student Understanding in Mathematics (PMENA, 2010) Research on Practical Rationality: Studying the justification of actions in mathematics teaching, Patricio Herbst & Daniel Chazan (USA)

Practical Rationality, the disciplinary obligation, and authentic mathematical work: A Look at Geometry, Deborah Moore-Russo and Michael Weiss (USA)

Complex Learning through cognitively demanding tasks, Lyn D. English (Australia)

Conceptualizations and Issues related to Learning Progressions, Learning Trajectories, and Levels of Sophistication, Michael T. Battista (USA)

On the idea of Learning Trajectories: Promises and Pitfalls, Susan B. Empson (USA)

Can Dual processing Theories of Thinking inform conceptual learning in Mathematics? Ron Tzur (USA)

Table of Contents of Vol.9, nos 1& 2 [January 2012]