Volume 8 #1&2, 2011

0. Editorial: Opening 2011s journal treasure chest, Bharath Sriraman (Montana, USA) 1. Vignette of Doing Mathematics: A Meta-cognitive Tour of the Production of Some Elementary Mathematics, Hyman Bass (USA) 2.Mathematical Intuition (Poincaré, Polya, Dewey), Reuben Hersh (USA) 3. Transcriptions, Mathematical Cognition, and Epistemology, Wolff-Michael Roth & Alfredo Bautista (Canada) 4. Seeking more than nothing: Two elementary teachers conceptions of zero, Gale Russell & Egan J Chernoff (Canada) 5. Revisiting Tatjana Ehrenfest-Afanassjewas (1931) Uebungensammlung zu einer geometrischen Propädeuse: A Translation and Interpretation, Klaus Hoechsmann (Canada) 6. Problem-Based Learning in Mathematics, Thomas C. OBrien (posthumously), Chris Wallach, Carla Mash-Duncan (USA) Special Topics Section New perspectives on identification and fostering mathematically gifted students: matching research and practice, Guest Editors: Viktor Freiman (Canada) & Ali Rejali(Iran) 7. New perspectives on identification and fostering mathematically gifted students: matching research and practice, Viktor Freiman (Canada) & Ali Rejali (Iran) 8. The education of mathematically gifted students: Some complexities and questions, Roza Leikin (Israel) 9. Historical perspectives on a program for mathematically talented students, Harvey B. Keynes and Jonathan Rogness (USA) 10. The proficiency challenge: An action research program on teaching of gifted math students in grades 1-9,Arne Mogensen (Denmark) 11. Designing and teaching an elementary school enrichment program: What the students were taught and what I learned, Angela M. Smart (Canada) 12. An overview of the gifted education portfolio for the John Templeton Foundation, Mark Saul (USA) 13. Prospective teachers conceptions about teaching mathematically talented students: Comparative examples from Canada and Israel, Mark Applebaum (Israel), Viktor Freiman (Canada), Roza Leikin (Israel) 14. Mathematical and Didactical Enrichment for Pre-service Teachers: Mentoring Online Problem Solving in the CASMI project, Manon LeBlanc & Viktor Freiman (Canada) 15. Gifted Students and Advanced Mathematics, Edward J. Barbeau (Canada) 16. Disrupting gifted teenagers mathematical identity with epistemological messiness, Paul Betts & Laura McMaster (Canada) 17. The promise of interconnecting problems for enriching students experiences in mathematics, Margo Kondratieva (Canada) 18. Creativity assessment in school settings through problem posing tasks, Ildikó Pelczer & Fernando Gamboa Rodríguez (Mexico) 19. Forthcoming TMME vol8,no3 [August 2011: Special section on the North Calotte Conference in Mathematics Education : Tromsø-2010 & PMENA 2010], Bharath Sriraman.