Volume 7 #2&3, 2010

So many journals, So many words... So what? Bharath Sriraman (USA)

1. Women Belonging in the Social Worlds of Graduate Mathematics. Abbe H. Herzig (USA)
2. Magic Circles in the Arbelos. Christer Bergsten (Sweden)
3. Chaos in Physics and recurrence in Arithmetic Sets. Jean Dayantis (France)
4. Polysemy of symbols: Signs of ambiguity. Ami Mamolo (Canada)
5. Cultural conflicts in mathematics classrooms and resolution: The case of immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Israeli “Old timers.” Miriam Amit (Israel)
6. Climbing and Angles: A Study of how two Teachers Internalize and Implement the Intentions of a Teaching Experiment. Anne Birgitte Fyhn (Norway)
7. Vectors in climbing. Anne Birgitte Fyhn (Norway)
8. Rules Without Reason: Allowing Students to Rethink Previous Conceptions. Mary Mueller, Dina Yankelewitz, Carolyn Maher (USA)
9. A semiotic reflection on the didactics of the Chain rule. Omar Hernández Rodríguez and Jorge M. López Fernández (Puerto Rico)
10. Some reflections on Hernández and López’s reflections on the chain rule. Michael N. Fried (Israel)

Montana Feature
11. The history of mathematics as a pedagogical tool: Teaching the integral of the secant via Mercator’s projection. Nick Haverhals & Matt Roscoe (Montana)

Regional Feature
Northwest (U.S) Women Researchers in Math and Science Education

12. Guest Editorial: A Starting Point. Ke Wu Norman (Montana)
13. Rehearsal or Reorganization: Two Patterns of Literacy Strategy Use in Secondary Mathematics Classes. Anne Adams (Idaho)
14. Pre-service Teachers in Mathematics Lesson Study. Elizabeth A. Burroughs & Jennifer L. Luebeck (Montana)
15. Internal and External Comments on Course Evaluations and Their Relationship to Course Grades. Hilary Smith Risser (Montana)
16. Problem Posing from the Foundations of Mathematics. Libby Knott (Washington)
17. A Graduate Level In-Service Teacher Education Curriculum Integrating Engineering into Science and Mathematics Contents. Ke Wu Norman (Montana), Tamara J. Moore (Minnesota) & Anne L. Kern (Idaho)
18. The Influence of a Multidisciplinary Scientific Research Experience on Teachers Views of Nature of Science. Jerine Pegg (Alberta) & Edith Gummer (Oregon)

19. EPILOGUE. Bharath Sriraman (Montana)