Volume 4 #2, 2007

1. Editorial: New horizons-four years later.
Bharath Sriraman (USA)

2. Objective Truth versus Human Understanding in Mathematics and in Chess
Olle Häggström (Sweden)

3. Mars Exploration Rover: Mathematics and People behind the Mission
Uffe Thomas Jankvist & Bjørn Toldbod (Denmark)

4. The Philosophy of Mathematics, Values and Keralese Mathematics
Paul Ernest (UK)

5. A Hexagon Result and its Generalization via Proof
Michael de Villiers (South Africa)

6. On the Solution to Octic Equations
Raghavendra G. Kulkarni (India)

7. Mathematics Education and Neurosciences: Relating Spatial Structures to the Development of Spatial Sense and Number Sense
Fenna van Nes & Jan de Lange (The Netherlands)

8. Introduction of a new construct: The conceptual tool “flexibility”
Mette Andresen (Denmark)

9. Non-linear functions in secondary school of lower qualification level (German Hauptschule)
Astrid Beckmann (Germany)

10. Looking back at the beginning: Critical thinking in solving unrealistic problems
Mark Applebaum & Roza Leikin (Israel)

11. New and Noteworthy Books from Sense Publishers