Volume 4 #1, 2007

1. Adult Students’ Reasoning in Geometry: Teaching Mathematics through Collaborative Problem Solving in Teacher Education
Raymond Bjuland (Norway)

2. The Interplay of Processing Efficiency and Working Memory with the Development of Metacognitive Performance in Mathematics
Areti Panaoura (Cyprus)

3. Students’ Conceptions of Limits: High Achievers versus Low Achievers
Kristina Juter (Sweden)

4. Today's Mathematics Students
Carmen M. Latterell (Minnesota, USA)

5. The Need for an Inclusive Framework for Students’ Thinking in School Geometry
Jaguthsing Dindyal (Singapore)

6. Numerical Methods with MS Excel
M. El-Gebeily & B. Yushau (Saudi Arabia)

7. Can our Learners Model in Mathematics?
Vimolan Mudaly (South Africa)

8. Learning Mathematics with Understanding: A Critical Consideration of the Learning Principle in the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
Andreas J. Stylianides (Berkeley, USA) & Gabriel J. Stylianides (Pittsburgh, USA)

9. Erratum: An Improvement on the article Taxi Cab Geometry: History and Applications
Benjamin Urland (Germany)

10. Lagrange: A Well-Behaved Function
Benjamin Harris (Montana, USA)