Volume 3 #1, 2006

1. Editorial: Growth & Change
Bharath Sriraman (USA)

2. Automated Geometric Theorem Proving: Wu’s Method
Joran Elias (Montana, USA)

3. Problems to discover and to boost mathematical talent in early grades: A Challenging Situations Approach
Viktor Freiman (Canada)

4. Building Blocks Problem Related to Harmonic Series
Yutaka Nishiyama (Japan)

5. Modeling interdisciplinary activities involving mathematics and philosophy
Steffen M. Iversen (Denmark)

6. Not out of the blue: Historical roots of mathematics education in Italy
Fulvia Furinghetti (Italy)

7. Mathematically Promising Students from the Space Age to the Information Age
Linda Jensen Sheffield (USA)

8. Algorithmic Problems in Junior Contests in Latvia
Agnis Andžans, Inese Berzina, Dace Bonka (Latvia)

9. Meet the Authors

10. TMME’s worldwide circulation statistics