Volume 2 #1, 2005

Editorial: Social Justice, Taxicabs and Soap-Operatic Mathematics
Bharath Sriraman

A preface to Gutstein Generalized: A Philosophical Debate
Johnny W. Lott

Gutstein Generalized- A Philosophical Debate: A Critical Commentary on Gutstein’s (2003) thesis for the incorporation of social justice in the mathematics curriculum
Seth Braver, Jane Micklus, Sheila Bradley, Hillary van Spronsen, Samantha Allen & Vickie Campbell

Response to Gutstein Generalized- A Philosophical Debate
Eric Gutstein

Action: Tell me more Albert!
Jerry T. Baty & Virginia A.H. McClendon

Taxi Cab Geometry: History and Applications
Chip Reinhardt

Cardano’s Solution to the Cubic: A Mathematical Soap Opera
KaCee Ballou

Commentary on Ballou’s paper: Galois – The Myths and the Man
Catherine DeGrandpre

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